Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oblivion: new birth to a dying Genre

When it comes to Genre films it's hard to do something that tastes like something new! Now almost 100 years into film what can you put on screen no one has seen before? 
That's a question most of us have been asking in the last 7-10 years with all the remakes reboots and Sequels. A film that is totally original with no Scenes borrowed or stole from films before it! 
Then comes Oblivion, with Tom Cruse, which had it came 10 years ago it probably broken box office records and been calls a masterpiece but in a film world in which we have seen so much, it's a film that is left in the dark! 
I'm here to shine a light on this masterful film! I'll be spoiler free and give no plot points away! I'm going to Solely blow this movies "dick"! This film is a action scifi film with limited action and scifi, it's that rare case in which huge action and tons of aliens are not needed to show what happens when earth is invaded! 

  It is all show by showing the outcome of true Nuclear war on earth and why the moon is so important! it's all threw the point of view of one man, and Tom cruse has never been better, easily his best acting job. That's all I can say it's his best performance.

 Now that it's out I highly recommend it rent it buy it do something because if you don't or haven't seen Oblivion...your gay!