Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top 5 Things with ZOMBIES!

  Well today is Halloween, and it only make sense to talk something horror based. As many of you know I enjoy most things zombies. We've actually talked about this on a previous podcast. This list is going to include movies, games, ans whatever else I feel like. These aren't really in any real order, but if you like zombies, and you haven't seen, and or tried these, it's worth while to check out. Remember that this is just my opinion on things I've viewed, experienced, and/or played. Leave a comment, or e-mail me with your Top 5 Zombie Things.

  1. All films George A. Romero has directed.
George Romero is the grandfather of the modern day zombie. He's he reason we have pretty much all great zombie things. I would suggest starting with Night of the Living Dead, and going on from there.

  2. The Walking Dead Comics
If you like the TV show, you'll enjoy the comics. Things get even more intense, and crazy in those.

  3. The Walking Dead TV Show on AMC
I actually tried to start a Zombie based TV show before walking dead came out because I wanted one to exist. I couldn't be happier with having one now, and with a great story to it.

  4. Munchkin Zombies
Many of you may never have heard of this game. It's a table top game definitely worth playing. This is an offshoot of the original game Munchkin, but still made by the same company.

  5. Left 4 Dead 2
I was having trouble choosing number 5, and I figured I should choose a video game. I've only played a few zombie based video games, so my exposure is limited. I enjoyed playing Left 4 Dead, and Left 4 Dead 2 online with my cousin, more than the few other zombie games I've played. If you haven't played it, check it out.

  Well that's my top 5 things with Zombies. This list tends to continually change due to my love of zombies, and how I'm feeling that day. Feel free to comment, and send me an e-mail with you top 5 zombie things.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 It's About Time

  Plants Vs. Zombies 2, who would have thought that they would make a sequel to the ridiculously addictive game, Plants Vs. Zombies. The second one is the first game and more. I've been playing Plants Vs. Zombies 2 for the past couple days on my iPhone 5, and I felt the need to do a little review on it. I haven't played completely through the game yet but these are my thoughts thus far, at the very least.

  As I said above I've been playing it for the past couple days, and they've made a few changes between this one and the first one. The first one was pretty straight forward, and fun. Well in the second one you travel through time with Dave (the guy with the pot on his head), to find Dave's taco, so he can eat it again. Yes I said "again". It's actually quite entertaining how they go about the story. The actual title of the game is Plants Vs. Zombies 2 It's About Time. Basically you travel through time fighting zombies in different eras. You start off in present time, then you go back to Ancient Egypt, and you move from there.

  There are the basic similarities, you plant different plants to either get more sun rays, or to fight zombies. The biggest differences I've found so far, other than the time traveling thing, are that there are new plants to play with, and now there are different power ups. The first one you'll see is the plant food, that boosts the rate of fire for the different plants. The next biggest difference I noticed was that now the user can interact, and fight the zombies with different abilities. One is the pinch, you literally pinch the screen to kill zombies. The second is the throw ability, you toss them off the screen. You swipe across the zombie, and it kicks them in the air, you swipe again and it throws them off the screen. The third is the zap ability, once you activate it you just swipe across the screen where the zombies are, and it zaps them into dust. It's quite entertaining to do all of these.

Overall I'm enjoying the game, and suggest it to anyone who played the first one. As I play on in the game, and if I notice any other big things about the game, I'll do another post about it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Walking Dead Vs. Walking Dead

  A co-worker let me borrow The Walking Dead comics recently. I was actually surprised about a lot of the differences between the two. Even though I'm still reading some of the ones I'm borrowing, I thought it would be fun to write up some of the differences I noticed between the comic and the show. Fair warning, if you haven't watched the show, or read the comics there will be some spoilers. I'm not going to get too deep into this only because there are so many differences, I could go on for a while.

   I've started my Walking Dead experience with the TV show on AMC. Which I believe was one of the best things to ever happen to television. This will give you my reference point for this post.

  The first thing I realized was that both story lines follow similar almost parallel timelines which cross with certain points here and there. I already had an idea of this just from things I've heard from different places, but you really can't completely understand until you've experienced both.

  The next thing I noticed was how Andrea, and Dale ended up being an item in the comic, where in the show Andrea basically looks at Dale more like a father figure. Actually they become the adoptive parents for a couple kids that aren't in the show. It really is interesting the differences between the two characters, and how they look at each other. One similarity between Andrea in the comic and the show is that she does end up becoming a pretty good shot with a gun.

  The third thing is that Carol, as far as I have read up to, hasn't lost Sophie yet and she end up hitting on Rick, and Lori Grimes. She even tried to convince Lori that they all should be married together. But all of this came after her and Tyrone didn't work out. Oh and yeah Carol and Tyrone had a thing going for a short time.

  The difference between the Governor in the comic and the show is similar as to how the timeline situation. In the comic he's a lot more ruthless, and barbaric than he is in the show. In the show he's no saint either, but he doesn't seem to start off as a murdering rapist, where in the comic, you find this out very quickly.

  The last difference I feel the need to say something about is the fact that Daryl from the show, isn't in the comic at all. At this point in the game I feel like it's common knowledge, and there really isn't any need to bring him up, but I know there are people out there who will say something if I don't bring him up. He is quite an important character in the series, and I happen to like his character.

  There are so many things that are different between the two. As I stated above, I could go on, and on. There are certain key details I've avoided talking about because I don't want to give away to many spoilers. I honestly enjoy both the comic and the TV show. I know many people are taking side, I for one can't, I enjoy zombies to much.