Thursday, May 30, 2013

Writing and Inspiration 101 (My Thoughts)

   This week I wasn't sure what to write about. Nothing really inspired me enough to write something up, and I didn't want to force anything. I forced the last post, and it still doesn't feel right. So today I decided to write about writing in general. This applies to writing pros, scripts, video game stories, and pretty much all other kinds of creative writing. These a few ideas that helped me when it came to writing, so this may not apply to everyone.

  A wise man once told me that writing is 90% perspiration, and 10% planning. That was my father who had told me this when I was a young lad. I remember sitting there trying to come up with something to write about feeling like I needed to put in all kinds of work just to come up with a story. In school they do push that you need to plan everything out for your story. Figure out all your characters, what are all your plot points going to be?, who or what might be the ant

agonist in the story, now make a chart with all this information, ect... After all that planning they have you do it makes you feel like you need to already have the story written before you write it! Well when my father had phrased it as writing is 90% perspiration, and 10% planning something clicked. All that pressure that came from the feeling that I needed to have everything planned out just floated away.

   The whole point of me telling this story is, if you want to write whether it be a short story, a script, or anything else. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Yes you'll want to do some planning and basic outline work to help you get some of your ideas on paper (this does help for when you're stuck in your story, and you're not sure where to go with it), but relax and just write.

  Now let's talk inspiration. This stems from the idea of trying to not put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes the harder you try to be inspired, the harder it is to actually be inspired. As I had said in the beginning of this post, I was trying to hard to find something to post about and, I posted something I wasn't happy with. I didn't take the time I needed to properly let the idea get translated to written form. I wasn't inspired enough to write about the topic. There was some inspiration there, but it was a forced inspiration. (Not sure if that makes enough sense but I hope you get the idea.) This week I decided to give myself some time before doing a write up, which is why a post came today instead of earlier in the week like I'd prefer to do my posts. Giving myself that extra time allowed me to come up with this post I'm writing now about Writing and Inspiration.

  I could probably keep going on and telling stories, and keep talking about writing and inspiration, but I think at this point you get the idea. I hope this post was actually useful to someone out there in the world wide web. If you have anything you'd like to add on how you like to approach writing and/or inspiration please add a comment.

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