Thursday, June 13, 2013

John Carter of Mars Three Book Review

  I know that I have already posted about John Carter of Mars but I just finished the third book, and I wanted to write up a review. Yes, I'll tell you some story from when I was young, but sometimes this is how I like to approach some of my posts.

  The first time I heard of the John Carter series was from my father years ago right after my grand father passed away. At the time I enjoyed reading, but I was too preoccupied with other things I wanted to do and read than some "old books". My dad had the entire series in hard cover, which we had found in my grandfather's house. Now lets fast forward to more recently. As you know I watched the new John Carter Disney movie, and with that, I was reminded of the time my father had told me about the series. Of course now I can't find the books my father had given me when I was young, and I regret that, but I have purchased the first three books and as you obviously should know at this point, I read those.

  Now onto my review of the books. I should start off with the title of each of these books, they are A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, and The Warlord of Mars. It's hard to do a book review on any of these books by themselves. The reason for this is because the first two end with cliffhangers. You feel the need to move on the the next book right away so you know what happens. I have to say, it was a clever device for Edgar Rice Burroughs (The Author) to use. The third book ends in a satisfactory fashion, where you feel like you can relax a little before moving to the next one. Which is why I felt it to be the best point to do an actual book review.

  John Carter of Mars is about a civil war veteran from Virginia named John Carter. He some how gets transported to Mars and nothing but constant adventure ensues. Much of John Carter's motivation comes from his love for the Princess of Helium Dejah Thoris. She tends to be in constant danger through these first three books. These first three books take place over a 20 year period of time, which at points was hard to comprehend because of how quickly you can go through the books.

  While reading the books, I always wished I had more time to keep reading, and hated being interrupted because of how much I enjoyed them. Over all I have to give John Carter of Mars a 4.5 out of 5. I enjoyed each one, and still wanted to read more. If you like classic Science Fiction you'll probably enjoy at the very least the first three books A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, and The Warlord of Mars.

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