Friday, January 17, 2014

Iron Man Three

  Iron Man Three, the third installment of the Iron Man movies. This one wasn't directed by John Favreau like the first two. Which is something that had me worried when it was first announced that another director would be directing it. Iron Man Three was directed by Shane Black, know for directing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and wrote the screen play for Lethal Weapon. After seeing that these two movies were under his belt, I felt better about the hands Iron Man Three was in.

  Iron Man Three takes place just after The Avengers film. Tony Stark now has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from everything that happened during The Avengers. He can't sleep, and if he does he has nightmares that wake him. On top of that Tony has to face an enemy he created in his past who has the ability to be able to defeat Iron Man.

  Even though I did feel better about Shane Black taking the wheel on Iron Man, I was still nervous about it. Iron Man is my favorite Marvel hero, I didn't want to see the franchise die with him. Well I ended up really enjoying the third film. Granted it wasn't the best one, but it was a great film non the less. I liked how they took one of the stories from the comics, and brought it to the big screen. They did put their own spin on it, but it still worked. After watching the end of Iron Man Three, it made me want more. I certainly hope they do end up making more Iron Man movies after the new Avengers comes out.

  Overall I have to give Iron Man Three a 3.75 out of 5. I really enjoyed the story of the film. The acting was great, I felt worried when I was supposed to, but also laughed when I was supposed to. If you haven't seen Iron Man three, or any of the Iron Man movies, go check them out, but make sure you start at the beginning, and watch The Avengers before seeing this one.

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