Saturday, March 7, 2015

PAX East 2015 Day 1

  PAX East day one went rather well. I was able to check out a few of the exhibits in the expo hall, and figured out a basic game plan for Saturday (Technically today, as I'm posting this after midnight). This year we brought along more friends and family than previous years, and being able to watch someone experience it for the first time, is quite an experience in of itself. My niece ended up coming this year, and I was able to show her the X-Men Arcade cabinet, in the classic arcade area. She just stood there playing for almost an hour, deep into the game, and making comments wondering why so many sentinels, creature, and other mutants had it out for Wolverine. You see, she didn't grow up with arcades like many of us did, she's too young to remember anything like that. My niece grew up playing on her iPad, or Nintendo DS, but never experienced what it was like to hangout with a friend to play a two player game because online games didn't exist the way they do today. I probably had more fun watching her play X-Men than she did playing it but it was really a cool experience I know I'll always remember, and I hope that she does too as she grows up.

  When I originally stated writing this post I was planning on talking about some of the exhibits I saw, but honest the best part of the day was just sitting there and playing games with my friends and family, and honestly I think that, that is what PAX is all about. It's about people getting together to enjoy something, and to spend time together. In the game of life, I believe I leveled up today.

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