Thursday, November 14, 2013

State of Emergency Movie Review

  State of Emergency is a small film I discovered on Netflix. Actually it was more suggested to me because I happened to be re-watching the first season of AMC's The Walking Dead on Netflix, but that has nothing to do with this post.

  State of Emergency follows Jim, the main character, after a chemical facility explodes which releases a deadly toxin into the air. This toxin causes people to turn into flesh eating zombies. These aren't your traditional George A. Romero zombies, these are more like the 28 days later zombies, where they run. Another difference is that these ones can talk in State of Emergency. Personally I wouldn't call them zombies, they don't even seem like they are undead. Continuing on with the plot of the film, Jim find out others are holding up in a warehouse, and he joins them. He meets what could potentially be a love interest, but she's passed out for half the film.

  After watching the film I felt like I hadn't learned anything, nor did I feel any connection to any of the characters. It felt like a film made to be a film, where there isn't anything wrong with that, but it also didn't keep me captivated. I found myself constantly waiting for something big to happen, but that never came. The major plot point that I thought would bring at least some sort of on the edge of your seat suspense, and possible action, didn't go in that direction. The possible love interest for the main character is apparently diabetic. He finds out that she needs insulin or she's going to die. The characters talk about a pharmacy at the other end of town, but conveniently enough there happens to be some in an air drop near by. When Jim went out to the air drop container, I didn't even feel slightly worried. He ran into only one "zombie" which he shot in the leg first which made it fall, then he slowly walked up to it and shot it in the head. They did make me think for a second, "yes, he's going to have to go into town anyway", when Jim couldn't fine it at first, but as you know now, that didn't happen.

  Overall I give state of emergency a 1 out of 5. There were certain minor aspects, and shots I did like, but nothing big enough that's worth mentioning. I also wasn't able to connect to the movie enough to care about the characters. It lost points in my opinion for referring to the chemically intoxicated crazy people as zombies in the description. They may have been undead, but zombies don't talk, nor do they run.

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