Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Walking Dead Season 4 Mid-Season Finale

  The Walking Dead season 4 mid-season finale has come and past. Season 4 thus far has been one of the best seasons of The Walking Dead, and I really enjoy the show from the very first episode to now. The reasoning for my opinion is episode six "Live Bait", and the actual mid-season finale episode eight "Too Far Gone". To give fair warning I'm going to give a few spoilers if you haven't watched season 4 yet.
  Episode Six, "Live Bait", follows the Governor in flashbacks to what happened after his massacre of the Woodbury Army. That episode felt like a well done short film, that could practically stand alone all by itself. He barely says a word all episode, which in my opinion contributes to the talent of David Morrissey, the actor who played as the Governor. In this episode he becomes this post-apocalyptic drifter until he runs into this family who slowly bring him back to a state of caring about something. There's a little girl in this family who truly contributes to this due to her being about the same age as his daughter was before she died, and came back as a walker. It's my favorite episode since the beginning of the series.

  Episode Eight, "Too Far Gone", is one of the most emotionally rough episodes I've seen in a while. The Governor is now leading a new group of people along with his new found family. They decide to invade the prison with a tank, and kick out Rick and his crew. After Rick and the Governor exchange words, Rick basically saying they all can make things work and live together, and the Governor stating that, that can't happen, and if Rick resists he's going to kill Hershel, and Michonne, who he took hostage before he decided to invade to use as leverage. Well the Governor really does end up being "Too Far Gone" and chaos ensues after the Governor decided to take Michonne's sword to Hershel's head.

  After episode eight, the mid-season finale, we are left with the prison in shambles, the Governor dead, Hershel dead, Carol has been kicked out for murdering a couple sick people, Rick's baby "little ass kicker" possibly dead, or at least missing, and everyone else completely split up, and running from the prison. This episode felt more like a season finale, not a mid-season finale. Now we have to hurry up and wait for February to see what happens next.

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