Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Saga Of Joseph R. Astalfa (Ragnar)

  On May 22nd, 2015 the world lost one of the most talented people I have ever known. His name is Joseph R. Astalfa, he was a writer, director, and to many of us family. Many of you who know me, most likely knew him, and many of you may not have known him at all.

  I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for the influence of Joe; he introduced me to the world of classic movies, film noir, westerns, monster movies, and many more. Over the years we made a few short films together.  Our first film was shot with a Sony consumer grade camera and was entitled, The Saga of Ragnar. Later on we purchased a professional high definition camera and we produced One Last Shot, which Joe had written, directed, and starred in. Later we ended up going back and shot a few new scenes, re-edited it, and re-named it Free Agents. The last short film Joe and I worked on together was mockumentary wrote for a final in college called Zombumentary.

  Joseph was also a fan of Godzilla. He collected Godzilla figures, obviously watched all the movie, went to Godzilla conventions, and spoke at some as a panel speaker. Joe even had one of his short stories published in a G-Fan magazine, it was a fan fiction named Nuclear Terror. Here's a link to the issue it was in

  Overall Joseph R. Astalfa was my best friend and a brother to me. The one thing I wish I had was the ability to use the written word in the way he could to write up this post in honor of him. I'm not sure if the English language could due justice on the kind of person Joe was.

  Joe, we all know that you're in a better place now, but we miss you, and will always honor your memory.

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