Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Sitting At The Dock Of The "Bay"

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a staple of the generation of the last 30 years. Shall we do the list? We shall, a comic in 1984, in 1987 a smash hit cartoon show that lead to one of largest and most popular toy line, a trilogy of live action films, and a live action tv show. Then a complete reboot in 2003 with a new cartoon, a animated film in 2007, and in 2012 a new cartoon leading to another huge toy line! 
     So with a strong catalog and with so much for fans to enjoy, what is in store for us in the future? How about a brand new live action reboot! Sounds great to me, Michael bay producing? Okay sure I'm on board I dug, and highly enjoyed the transformers movies well 2 was weak but that last hour was fun! 

     So I know the cool thing for fans to do is hate Michael Bay especially if they think they have a voice on twitter or online blogs. Despite what people think he didn't "rape my childhood" mainly because my childhood happened 30 years ago, and the transformer movies are new, he didn't "Lucas" things he didn't take the old cartoons and re-edit them or add shit! He just did an updated re-imaging of something from the 80s. 

     I get the idea of saying he "raped my childhood" the idea is you watch or listen to something and boom it snaps you back to childhood and you feel young again I get it, I do, I collect 80-90s toys mainly TMNT toys, so I know the feeling. Seeing that the transformers films were not around during my childhood they have no effect on my childhood, nor should they on you.
    If you listened to our podcast then you know I have found a way to bring up the new upcoming TMNT film and my excitement for it, so how do I feel now that I've seen the teaser trailer... Even more excited, now I really can't fucking wait! I love the scope, I love the size, and I think the design of the turtles works great Leo looks epic, Mikey looks great (with the mask on) Raph and Don still not a great view but I love he has tech on his back!

     I can tell the have took things and elements for every  incarnation of TMNT and put it in the film. I like the origin story I like that it's new, so what if it's different after 20 years of seeing all the cartoons, and, movies, and so on it's refreshing, it's a nice take on it, I like the whole their enemy is their creator! It puts a little more emotion in it, plus I'm willing to make a prediction and possible spoiler alert I'm willing to bet splinter is Aprils dad and guess what I'm fine with that too! Here is why, if I don't like the film I still have everything else from my "childhood" to enjoy!

     In closing I'll end with this for all you cry baby fan boys think about. From the 1984 comic to the 1987 cartoon, they changes were just as drastic. I'll break it down for you, the over all look of the turtles was a huge change, from a pointed beak, all with red head bands. Splinter being a rat Turned to a humanoid rat, April worked in Baxter Stockman's lab not a reporter, Baxter was a black scientist, no Krang, no bebop, no Rocksteady, shredder is killed in the first comic not returning for a long time. The turtles were mutated by radioactive ooze accidentally dumped in the sewers.  Now the cartoon their heads became larger with a small round beak, all because distinct with 4 different colors, splinter has a man turned large rat, shredder was the main bad guy ruled by a new character, Krang, Baxter became a white inventor later into a mutated fly. Then the turtles were mutated by shredder as he dumped the ooze in the sewer trying to get splinter! 

   So what is the differences between all that and what they are doing now? Well I guess it's because Michael Bay didn't have anything to do with the cartoon! 

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