Monday, April 1, 2013

City of Steam PAX 2013

   City of Steam is a game being developed by Mechanist Games. It's a game based in a Steam Punk world. For those of you who don't know what steam punk is; Steam Punk is a Science Fiction sub-genre, which features steam powered technology, basically a retro-futuristic world. The best examples of this can be found in the works of Jules Verne, and H.G Wells. The company doesn't push too much about saying that it's a steam punk game, but if you like steam punk you'll probably like City of Steam.

   I was able to speak with Gabriel Laforge of Mechanist Games about City of Steam. It is a browser based, FREE to Play, role playing game. It can be played as a normal RPG, or as a MMORGP. I'm actually pretty excited about this game, I'm both a steam punk, and rpg fan. Gabriel was nice enough to take us through some of the steps of the beginning of the game, and talk about it with us on camera. Here's the video below.

   Overall City of Steam looks like it's going to be a pretty fun game. I really like the fact that it's browser based, so you don't need a super computer to play it. While looking more into the game I discovered that depending on the type of character you play, and how you play your character, your story line becomes more unique to you. I'm excited about this game, and it's going to be one of my more anticipated games I'll be waiting for the come out.

If you want to find out more on the game go to, and for more about Mechanist Games go to

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