Monday, April 15, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

  I finally had a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises. Yeah I know, I'm a little behind on the game. I actually purchased The Dark Knight Trilogy, and I considered watching all of them in one sitting. After thinking about it and realizing I don't have that much time in a day to watch multiple movies that are almost three hours long each, I decided on going right to the one I hadn't seen yet. I watched the first two in theaters, and enjoyed every moment of both of them, the third one now that I've finally watched it, well... I regret not watching it on the big screen. It was packed full of awesome sauce.

  Now before seeing the movie, I purposely avoided reading anything on the movie, and told all of my friends not to tell me anything about it. It took a lot to avoid hearing anything about, but I was successful, and I'm able to give my honest opinion without any outside influences.

  The Dark Knight Rises takes place eight years after The Dark Knight. Batman and Commissioner Gordon have pretty much buried the truth about Harvey Dent, and you can tell it's been eating away at the Commissioner. Batman is retired, basically crippled, and public enemy number one. Bane comes to Gotham City and chaos insues.

  Even though I did state that the flick was packed full of awesome sauce, I did have a couple things that took me out of the movie briefly, or at least made me feel like something was off about it. The first and most noticeable thing was Bane's voice. When you have an expectation about a character from your past references of them such as The Batman Animated Series, you can be thrown off by something like this. When you hear his voice you almost expect to see a proper English gentleman on the screen, and definitely not a man who could practically crush a human skull. As the movie went on I was able to adjust to his voice, and move past it (Now it's my favorite impression to do).

  The other thing that I noticed was Christian Bale's Batman voice. I'm not saying that it's really changed between the last movie and this one, but for some reason I happened to notice it more this time around to the point it made me think about it. At least it took me out of it when it was trying to yell in the growling voice. Yes I do understand this was also brought up by other people for the previous films. It was something I happen to notice more this time around.

  The last thing I noticed that was a relatively big thing, was the part where Bane and his crew make their escape from the stock exchange and it goes from day to night really quick. Maybe the chase went on for a long time, but it did seem to be a really quick transition.

  Overall even with these things that took me out of the movie briefly The Dark Knight Rises a 5 out of 5. I genuinely enjoyed the flick, and even the acting of some the supporting characters were beyond what I expected. Michael Caine has put so much more depth in the Alfred character with his acting than I've ever seen before in any Batman. The story was great, I liked how they brought it full circle by bringing Ra's Al Ghul's daughter, and the League of Shadows into the mix. Christopher Nolan did it again with Batman, a great movie, great plot, and an all around enjoyable movie. If you haven't seen it, go see it, but make sure you see Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, before you check out The Dark Knight Rises.

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